The hair-petting game

the new york times informed me today of the latest youtube phenomenon: the hair-petting game, in which some sassy young ladies go around stroking people's hair in public and then posting the videos on the internet. the results are, of course, hilarious.

for all you craigslist lovers out there, i've got a lovely new tool. some might even say killer app. it's a site called listpic that brings up only those search results that have pictures in them, and displays those pictures right on the search results page, which is so key when you're searching for apartments or furniture. that reminds me: my brother steve is looking for a cheap apartment. got one? lemme know. [via ikea hacker]

yay! fountains of wayne is releasing a new album this spring, as is wilco. in the here and now, you can stream the new of montreal record, "hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?" and i suggest you do. it's very good. ditto menomena, but i haven't really listened to that one yet. barsuk also has the new jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter, which is an album that carl put on my ipod in the early days of our dating, and which i still have not seen fit to listen to, a year later. balls.

okay, i need a favor from the music nerds out there. what are your favorite albums for sleeping? i need some. this afternoon i spent many hours nerding on the computer, deleting albums and changing the genre tags on the softer, slower stuff to "sleepytime." and i need more. got any suggestions? whisper it to me, won't you?

yep, nerding all day. that's what happens when it's twelve effin' degrees outside. friday night carl made a tofu stir-fry (mmm, bok choy) and saturday we stayed in all day, reading and napping until it was time to go to the double shot of double 30th birthday parties. happy happies to stacey and cindy! they (and we) celebrated, respectively, with sushi and karaoke at japas 38, and regular old drinks at art bar, where cindy proved that 30 really is the new 20. good times all around. i'm kicking myself that i forgot my camera, because drunken party pics just make it that much more fun sometimes. and today i tended to carl and his massive hangover, which meant eating pizza, watching football (what?), and gaining weight by the second. how american of us!

here is funny todd levin writing a funny guide to wine buying on the morning news. i especially like the list of adjectives used to describe wine. i personally hate going into a wine store. i usually look around for a bottle i've had before, whose label i like aesthetically, and exit the store as quickly as possible. i really hate asking the staff for help. but i believe i've found the wine helper of my choice at heights chateau on atlantic ave, where i nipped in friday night. this is what went down: the old white-haired lady immediately approached me as i glanced around the spanish section. she asked if she could help me. i smiled and said, "yes, well, my boyfriend usually asks you for your 'picks.'" she nodded and smiled. i requested one red, one white, in the $10 to $13 range, and she immediately set about perusing the racks, hand thoughtfully clapped over mouth (an endearing and somewhat english mannerism). she picked out a spanish red, a spanish white, cheerfully noted that "we're going spanish tonight," then walked the bottles over to the counter without even bothering to show me her selections or tell me how oaky or full-bodied they were. sold! i will now go back to judy for her "picks" whenever possible. thanks judy!