Paying the Price for Brooklyn's Sanitation

Everyone knows that the London train bombings have forced the NYPD to ramp up security in the city's subway stations, and it's reassuring to know that New York's finest (or is it bravest? We never get it right) are intently focused on ridding the city of the horrible scourge of terrorism ... and expectoration. Yep, spittin'. A ToTC operative — sick from a nasty bout with the sniffles — let one rip onto the tracks at the Prospect Ave. stop in Brooklyn and was immediately bum-rushed by two police officers. The crime? Creating an "unsanitary condition." The time? A $50 fine.

At least that's his story. We didn't believe him, so he showed us the ticket, which we scanned and now reprint above. Even though the officer wrote "on the platform," our saliva bandit swears he launched the loog onto the tracks. What we're wondering is, if spitting costs $50 a pop, why doesn't the NYPD crack down on the Canal or Grand St. subway stations and wipe out the MTA's budget crisis in one weekend?

nice knowin' ya! it was a pretty fantastic year, as years go: new job, boyfriend, apartment, body (not necessarily in that order). i'd like to publicly thank all my friends who made it so awesome, too, as corny as that may be. (i'm getting sentimental in my old age.) it was a pretty good weekend to boot, so let's recap it, old-style:

most of my favorite people (and a lot more people i've never met) made it out to union hall friday night for my birthday party, and some peeps even brought very excellent presents, such as this american apparel wrap dress from holly and some sweet-ass convertible mittens from eileen and of course some of tamar's cute jewlery. oh, and vanessa gave me a very fine intangible present when she pulled out her ipod and made me listen to a song:

They Might Be Giants, "Older" i kept expecting it to bust out into a chaotic breakdown, gogol bordello-style, but it never did. still kind of a cool little song.

saturday i rose early (at least in view of the amount of drunky mcdrunkerson i got the previous night), and set off for barnes and noble to return a couple of things. yay books! it was such a nice day that i walked up seventh avenue and over to target to use my $12 credit to purchase a pair of cheap headphones. i got these little sony in-ear things. so much for the big 'uns. once i got over to the sick boy's house, i spent the rest of the day reading and dosing him with tea, orange juice, and dayquil. i can't put down this book by neil gaiman called american gods. it's a fantasy book, but it has real people in it, too, and it's a great story. you can even pick it up in cheapystyles trade paperback form. recommended! once night fell we ordered sushi and watched we jam econo, the minutemen documentary. i gave it four stars.

sunday was more sitting around until the parties started. we headed over to eileen and jesse's around 5:30 and were immediately thrust into a strange variation of charades. we were suspicious, but the wine was flowing and the food was great and it ended up being quite fun. we then traveled about two blocks down to tamar and matt's, where their party was already in at least half-swing. they had sushi and hot dogs on a miniature hot dog cart, a couple of highly suspect punches, and a pair of 18-year-old Midwestern girls. the teens remained sober; i did not. we then stopped in at abilene on the way home, and saw brandon 'n' allison and john 'n' julie. dancing finally happened here. (tamar: need to work on the sound system, dude!) all in all, a better new year's than i was expecting. and cheap, too! although next year i am SO doing the midnight run in central park.

today was wasted. i was sick all day, from the drink. or maybe the sushi. one shouldn't be puking all day long, should one? i also pooped SEVEN TIMES. i know you didn't need to know that, but it's just so amazing, i had to share it with you. in the evening i was able to keep some crackers down, so carl made a delicious (and lucky!) dinner of sherry chicken, swiss chard, and black-eyed peas. and that, ladies and germs, brings us up to date.

year-end music listage coming...soon!